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who am i?

Bryce Chavez

Hey! I am starting my journey as an Affiliate Marketer. Currently I am still working my 9-5 as a truck driver, but working on getting fully involved in only my marketing side! I have always grown up thinking to live the life I want I need to work work work. I believed that so much that I have only had two jobs since I've graduated. I believed that so much that I pushed myself so hard in those jobs to move myself up as much as possible in that particular business to live as best as I could. My first job after I graduated I was washing trucks, I worked my ass off every single day six days a week most of the time. It was a 24/7 operation there so I would work all days throughout the week, working weekends as well. I also changed my work hours multiple times going from days to evenings to overnights even. I was doing everything I thought I needed to to make the most money I could. I worked myself up all the way to Operations Manager and shortly after I came to the realization that working crazy hours like I was is not the way to live the life that I want. So there I was... looking for a career change. At this point in time I still knew nothing about making money online or that I even could. So that's when I sought out to get my CDL License because I knew there was better money in trucking. I got hired on with a company that would pay to train me to get my license. I thought making more money with a better schedule at this new job would be better for me but it's still not the life I want. Some people may think that it's wrong to think that way but this is how I think about it. If you are always comfortable with where you are then you are just selling yourself short and not living to your highest potential possible! My goal is to achieve a status that is always elevating me to the next level, and I not only want to do this for myself but to be able to show as many other people all over the world that the life you want is achievable and ever-growing!

Back to the story, I kept seeing online more ways to make money. The possibilities to make money online were overwhelming until I ran into Affiliate Marketing. The more I became acclimated with Affiliate Marketing as a whole I made a decision not to make any more excuses to why I should have to work a 9-5 job. In my life, I have always been determined to put my all into anything I do and this was going to be it. This was my way of escaping what the government wants us to do and be my best me in all ways possible.

I've asked myself many times. What is stopping me from achieving my goals. I tried to blame it on not having enough time. I tried to tell myself "oh it's only for certain people not everyone can actually do this." I've tried saying "oh it's all fake none of it is actually real, people can't make money online that easily especially so many people." But I've realized that none of that is true. The only thing stopping me... was me.

One thing that has helped me the most is realizing that this could be a reality now. I needed to keep this striving mindset. My imagination is limitless when it comes to my future. Getting a taste of what life could be everyday makes me strive even harder knowing I'm one step closer to being financially free. So can you!

Freedom is more than just the weekend off, it's about living like you're on vacation.

Things I believe in

1. Dreaming big
2. Put your all into everything you do
3. Hard work pays off
4. Live passionately
5. Getting out of your shell will show you how great you can be
6. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something
7. Take risks
8. Exceed your limits
9. You learn and come back stronger from your failures
10. Being you


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